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RRP £349.00 Save £74.00

RRP £349.00 Save £74.00

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Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock

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RRP £349.00 Save £74.00

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AllPress Coffee (250g)


Our carefully selected blend for the Barisieur. 

Weight: 250g


Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)


Now shipping! Add tea brewing to your Barisieur.

Brew: Tea & Coffee


Your Personal Barista

by your bedside or in office

Key Features

Wake Up Gently

Gently ease into the day to the subtle sound of the bubbling water and smell of your freshly brewed coffee or tea.

Perfect Pour Over

At 94°C the coffee or tea fully extracts without being burnt, ensuring full flavour.

Fresh Milk

Enjoy cold, fresh milk from the built in refrigerator. No need for a trip to the fridge.

View in Augmented Reality

Get a closer look at the Barisieur, open it on your phone to see it in your space

Compatible with the Brew Chamber

The Barisieur is fully compatible with the Brew Chamber add-on.

Using our unique "Tea Gate" design, your brew is suspended to achieve your optimal brew strength. Gently lift the handle to release the brew into your cup.

Designed for brewing loose leaf, tea bags and immersion style ground coffee.

The Milk Cooler

Keep milk cold and fresh in the smart refrigerator. Smart Infrared sensors detect if milk is present, regulating it to 3-5 °C // 37-41 °F to maintain freshness 24/7 with the in-built peltier cooler.

Volume below 35 D/B, can be disabled if not used.

Convenient Caffeine Drawer

Embedded in the base of the Barisieur, the drawer conveniently stores over a weeks worth of ground coffee or loose leaf tea. A stainless 5 gram steel scoop is included and conveniently sits on the lid of the drawer.

All our timber is sourced from ethical and sustainably managed forests.

Smart Induction Coil

500W Induction coil boils in 3 minutes and features auto shut-off

Auto-Dimming Display

12h or 24h clock, can be set to dim or turn off at night. It uses a sensor  to turn off when it goes dark.

Built-In Transformer

The transformer is built into the Barisieur so the power cable doesn't need a power brick, saving you space.

Charge your Phone

Use the 5V USB Port on the Barisieur to charge your phone.

Double Filtration

The reusable stainless steel filter features a double mesh design to eliminate fine particles. Simply rinse under the tap to clean and reuse.