Creative director – Joshua Renouf initially launched his product The Barisieur which put him on the map after raising $1,288,576 on Crowd-funding sites in 2016/2017. Now present incredible stores such as Harrods, Selfridges, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters along with customers in over 52 countries.

The Barisieur was the first product but it is not the brand. Josh Renouf already had more products in the locker and had been told that he should launch under his name. Josh had already created a logo for JoshRenoufDesign but did not want to continue launching products under his name. However, the logo was pretty fresh and was very attached to it. 

He thought long and hard about the products he want to bring to the world. The growth of consumerism today is incredible for the economy but terrible for the environment and has lead to fast fashion in sweat-shops and cheap goods lead to a throw-away society where the value in eye of some consumers for goods has decreased.

There is a need for timeless products that don’t age and can be fixed/replaced with parts if they become broken without being thrown away. 

There is a need to have a purpose and bring happiness to people. Joyful Resolutions seemed perfect to fill the JR logo. Josh & Co cut it down to JoyResolve. His grandmother was also called Joy, so it really resonated.  

JoyResolve is now an award-winning lifestyle and homeware brand that believe in bringing joy to people through form, function and resolved solutions. 

Targeting both the style and eco-conscious, Joy Resolve creates courageous, sustainable, premium built to last products for the home, that provide added value for the user. Manufactured in the UK or EU when possible and then responsibly in China when necessary for commerciality. 

Targeting both the style and eco-conscious, Joy Resolve strikes the perfect balance between functional design and a timeless aesthetic. Joy Resolve endeavors to Redefining, envisioning its premium products at the core of a conscious lifestyle. Joy Resolve put a contemporary twist on its approach to sustainability, by using coffee as one of its materials with certain designs; a brilliantly renewable and unique concept which truly encapsulates the brand’s forward-thinking purpose. 

The products aim to resolve everyday frustrations through the re-examination of overcomplicated processes and devices. A powerful demonstration of the art of stripping back, where form follows function. The minimalist style allows the products to transcend arbitrary trends to achieve an enduring, iconic look.