We love seeing how members of our coffee loving community get on with their @barisieur. In this weeks post Nenad ( @nenad_j_ ) tells us how he uses The Barisieur to optimise his life and takes us around his city, Amsterdam.


Nenad's Instagram feed is a minimalists dream, full of beautiful dutch interiors, architecture and coffee. He and his wife are somewhat experts in the coffee field and having owned what used to be one of Amsterdam's hippest specialty cafes ( @coffeesometime ) they've tasted coffees from all around the world. 

We met with Nenad on a Sunday morning at one of his favourite cafes Toki, he takes a sip of his favourite oat latte and tells us about his daily routine: "I have this coffee first, then I do the other stuff, kind of mentality. With The Barisieur I'm really able to optimise my mornings. I continuously work on multiple projects  so that caffeine kick in the morning really gives me a boost throughout the day."

Nenad's Barisieur recipe: 200ml of water, 3 scoops of freshly ground and locally roasted coffee and a dash of oat milk.

During the week Nenad falls into his work-life routine sticking to specific places near his daily commute.

FOR THAT MORNING CUP OF JOE he'll stop at a specialty coffee shop and concept store called Coffee District ( @coffeedistrict ) .

FOR A QUICK TREND CHECK stop at the amazing clothing store Four ( @fouramsterdam ).

GET YOUR INTERIOR INSPIRATION at Casa Gitane ( @casagitane

During the weekend however Nenad and Yulia ( @yulienick ) like to take their time and truly enjoy what Amsterdam has to offer.

FAVOURITE CAFE. They'll often start their mornings with brunch and a good cup of coffee at Public Space ( @publicspace ). 

FAVOURITE ACTIVITY. The Amsterdam classic, a cycle around the city or on a sunny day a train to the coast.

FAVOURITE RESTAURANT. According to Nenad this is one of Amsterdam's best kept culinary secrets, Libertine ( @libertine.amsterdam ).

If a few days to visit Amsterdam is all you have, the above itinerary will give you good overview and feel of the local life but don't forget to visit the classics. Make sure to leave enough time for the immense list of attractions and sights and let this itinerary be your guide to local eats and drinks. It will take you off the beaten path and show you the real Amsterdam. Not the overly tourist one most people get to see.

All the best,

Josh Renouf

Founder | Barisieur & Joyresolve

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