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Your Personal Bedside Barista

Make your mornings easier with fresh coffee or tea.

“Barisieur’s revolutionary coffee brewing alarm clock will significantly improve the quality of your weekday mornings.”



"Barisieur’s revolutionary coffee brewing alarm clock will significantly improve the quality of your weekday mornings."


Wake Up Refreshed

Wake up gently to the sound of your coffee or tea brewing or with an accompanying alarm.

Perfect Pour Over

At 94°C the coffee or tea fully extracts without being burnt, ensuring full flavour.

Fresh Milk

The Peltier fridge stays cool at 3 to 5°C, keeping your milk fresh 24/7. Infrared sensors are used to detect if milk is present

Next Level Mornings...

Let the Barisieur take care of making your tea or coffee. Enjoy an extra few minutes in bed, peacefully sipping your hot brew.

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Compatible with Brew Chamber

Compatible with the Brew Chamber Add on. Brew Chamber available on Pre-order on Indiegogo

With the purchase of a Barisieur during Black Friday Week, recieve a unique 80% off promo code to purchase a Brew Chamber.

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The Milk Cooler

A bedside coffee and tea brewing alarm clock isn't any good if you have to go to the kitchen for some milk. Which is why we've included a Peltier-powered mini fridge that keeps your milk at a perfect 3 to 5°C, keeping your milk fresh 24/7.

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The perfect size for your bedside. 

While its size can be deceiving from pictures, the Barisieur's small footprint fits nicely onto your bedside table or counter. Its timeless design and minimal aesthetic promise to complement your living area as your style changes and your decor is updated. 

Dimensions: 28 by 18 cm and 29 cm tall

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Save Time, Get Caffeinated. 

Add a scoop or two of ground coffee or tea, some water to the boiling vessel and expect a nice brew as you wake up the next day. Enjoy a few more minutes of sleep as the Barisieur makes your brew through your slumber.

Deciding whether to get up, brave the cold and make your morning brew? Barisieur says stay in bed, I'll make it for you. 

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Tea and Coffee for Days

Easily store a weeks-worth of coffee powder or tea leaves within the built-in draw. A measuring spoon and lid are also included to keep everything fresh and consistent. 

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Smart Induction Coil

Boils water in 3 minutes and only heats up the boiling vessel. Features auto shut-off

Auto-Dim Display

Display automatically dims at night and can be turned off. Keeps track of when you've set your alarm and brew.

Large Shower Head

Ensures full immersion of the coffee or tea and even extraction of essential oils

The shower head ...

This is our fully redesigned shower head, made to mimic a gentle pour-over onto your ground coffee.  Ensuring full and even immersion of the coffee grounds.

... gives a perfect pour.

Made from food-safe silicon and a thin, laser etched stainless steel plate. The boiling water doesn't lose its heat as it passes through, ensuring full extraction of the coffee at 94°C

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Solid Timber Construction

Our wood trays are machined from solid wood and go through a rigorous hand-finishing process.

Coming from FSC-Certified forests we make sure that what we take is given back, so our forests stay healthy and continue growing.

Premium Glass

Our Glass is hand-formed by masters using the purest boroscilate glass available. Borosilicate glass is renowned for its superior durability, heat resistance, brightness and clarity.

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Removable Tray

The Barisieur features a removable tray so you can bring it to your bed or desk. It also helps with clean up, letting you easily take it to the kitchen for a deep clean